Cris Tales Demo Hits PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Console players now have a chance to try out the promising time-bending RPG ahead of its November release.

July 20, 2020

With a striking art style and time-bending mechanics that offer a ton of promise, Cris Tales, a love letter to classic JRPGs from the Colombia-based Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK, has turned a lot of heads, especially within the past month.

Now, players on console have the chance to try the game out for themselves thanks to a downloadable demo released Monday for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The demo will take you through the game’s opening section, allowing you to get familiar with the Cris Tales’ take on turn-based combat, puzzles and exploration, while getting acquainted with protagonist Crisbell, her companions Matias, Cristopher, and Willhelm, and the fantastical world of Crystallis.


Following its announcement at E3 2019, Cris Tales emerged as one of our sleeper hits from the show. And we walked away impressed once again last month, when DualShockers was invited to take another look at the game that delved deeper into how Crisbell can use her time-controlling powers (ones that keep the past, present, and projected future always in view) to alter the world around her.

Cris Tales’ art director, Sebastian Villarreal, also broke down the game’s art style, explaining how the team’s Colombian heritage and animation influences like the work of Genndy Tartakovsky, Mary Blair, and Eyvind Earle came together to form the game’s captivating visuals.

A demo has been available for PC via Steam and GOG that was recently updated to include an eight-battle mini Colosseum, which is also present in the console version. It’s a small taste of an expanded mode that will be included in the full game to go alongside the main adventure.

Cris Tales, under indie publisher Modus Games, will launch November 17 for the current-gen consoles, PC, and Google Stadia, and next-gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions won’t be far behind.


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