Crispy Gamer No More?

on January 22, 2010 9:45 AM

After purchasing Gamer DNA, a statistical sight for gamers, Crispy Gamer has announced they are laying off their entire editorial staff. Also, it has been reported Chris Heldman, the CEO, co-founder of Crispy Gamer, has resigned in protest. Finally a corporate leader has stood up for his employees in a time of crisis instead of taking the money and running. So what does this all mean for a company that seemed to be on the way up? Well, without an editorial staff, not much. The staff was inform that even though the termination was immediate, they would be compensated for the month. At least they had a little good news.

Seems like the company will go the route of Gamer DNA and it’s statistical element in a move to perhaps give RAPTR and similar sites a run for their money. In the mean time, alot of talented writers will be looking for employment elswhere while the mess is figured out. Editorial staff affected include former Joystiq writer Kyle Orland, along with Scott Jones, John Teti, Evan Narcisse, James Fudge, Ryan Kuo, Managing Editor Elise Vogel, and Chief Marketing Officer Anne Mischler.

via Joystiq

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