Criterion Expands Control Over Need For Speed Franchise

June 24, 2012

As a series, Need for Speed has had many hands in the pot over the years, but it seems like one developer has finally become king of the hill. The series is changing from the model of trying to release a different NFS game every year spread over multiple studios to where Criterion Games now has control over the IP, and intends to make some changes. Even if future titles are given out to other studios to develop, Criterion will still have a strong involvement according to Criterion VP Alex Ward.

The next game in the series, another in the Most Wanted line from Criteron is set to be released this fall, and other then that we have no real word on future titled. Ward did say that Criterion thinks about the Burnout line all the time though, which could indicate that they want to continue it. It definitely seems like Criterion is moving towards fewer, better Need for Speed titles, so some of the various spinoffs may have to be cut.

Miranda Quillen

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