Critically Acclaimed iOS Game Nihilumbra Coming To PC, Mac and Linux

Critically Acclaimed iOS Game Nihilumbra Coming To PC, Mac and Linux

You were born from the Void. But it is coming to get you. The Void must be one. You can not escape from it.

For linguist enthusiasts out there, you may notice that nihil is latin for “nothing” and umbra a word for darkness and shadow: BeautiFun Games’ Nihilumbra follows the story of Born, who was created from the Void, the dark nothingness that is now trying to reclaim him as he ventures around the world. To aid him in his journey, Born will learn how to control various colors which can be applied to his environment, including:

  • Blue: which makes surfaces slippery, like ice.
  • Green: which allows objects to bounce.
  • Brown: which allows objects to stick, and make surfaces slower to walk through.
  • Red: which makes objects burn.
  • And Yellow: which conducts electricity on a variety of surfaces.

With an aggregate review score of 86 at Metacritic and 85.71% at GameRankings, (based on twelve and seven reviews, respectively), Nihilumbra, the critically-acclaimed adventure previously only available on the iPad and iPhone, will be reaching even more gamer hands when it arrives to PC, Mac and Linux platforms this September 25th.

Nihilumbra will be releasing digitally on September 25th for $9.99, but is available for pre-order from digital stores such as Desura, GreenmanGaming and Gamersgate with a 10% discount. Nihilumbra is waiting to be Greenlit on SteamGreenlight, which you can support on its Steam page. The remastered Nihilumbra Soundtrack will also be offered at BandCamp for $4, and will be released on the same day as the game.

Check out the PC, Mac and Linux trailer and screenshots below, and stay tuned for more news on whether Nihilumbra will be coming to consoles (where it may be coming to the Wii U). For more details, check out the BeautiFun Games website.