Cross-Platform Play Returning to FFXIV

Cross-Platform Play Returning to FFXIV

Square-Enix is an expert in the idea of cross-platform play in their MMOs.  After all, they were one of the pioneers in that department with Final Fantasy XI, where PS2, Xbox 360 and PC gamers could all play together on the same servers.  Not only that, but the servers were all international.  This was an annoyance for some but a great feature of the game to others, like myself.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that their follow-up MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, would involve much of the same type of play and cross-cultural mix on the servers as its predecessor.  Sage Sundi, Global Online Producer for Square-Enix, told the web site One Last Continue that, not only will FFXIV see cross-platform play (between PS3 and PC players at the start), but international servers would be a feature of the title, as well.  I’m awfully glad to see this development.  It really, in my opinion, sets Square-Enix MMOs apart from the rest and really shows that they’re interested in establishing a global community with their games.  Western-developed MMOs don’t tend to show the same love for the idea of international servers, although some games, like World of Warcraft, have servers where a few different countries who speak the same language play together.

Out of all the MMOs coming up that I’m keeping my eye on, FFXIV is probably at the top of the list.  If they can fix the issues that plagued their previous offering in the genre, I’m sure this follow-up will be a hit.

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