Retro 2D Action RPG CrossCode Coming Early 2018; New Gameplay Trailer and Story Update Released

Retro 2D Action RPG CrossCode Coming Early 2018; New Gameplay Trailer and Story Update Released

PC, Mac, and Linux Game gets a new gameplay trailer and story update alongside an early 2018 release window.

Developer Radical Fish Games and publisher Deck13 Interactive have announced that their retro-inspired 2D action-RPG, CrossCode, is set to launch sometime in early 2018. This news is additionally accompanied by not only a new gameplay trailer, but also a new patch to the game’s early access form that sees a substantial update to its story.

While CrossCode has been updated several times in the last few months with various new content and gameplay improvements, its story hasn’t been touched for roughly a year. But now that has changed: as with Version 0.9.5 (which also includes a variety of fixes) the story of protagonist Lea is expanded and continued.

As you may know, CrossCode has been in Steam Early Access for two years now. It is described as a retro-inspired 2D Action RPG that is set in the distant future, and that takes 16-bit SNES-style graphics and combines it with a fast-paced combat system, a variety of puzzles, and an original sci-fi story. In the game, you follow Lea as she logs into CrossWorlds — a fictional MMO. However, Lea is not your average player. She has lost her memory and is mute, and now the only way to regain her memory and ability to speak is to play CrossWorlds. Meeting a cast of characters along the way, Lea will plunge into a journey full of mystery, unraveling the world of CrossWorlds and perhaps why she is stuck there in the first place.

In development since 2011, CrossCode notably boasts an original soundtrack inspired by old SNES and PlayStation JRPGs, an RPG leveling system complete with a skill tree, a variety of equipment to collect, and combat that features close and ranged attacks, guarding, dashing and a variety of special attacks.

CrossCode has currently only been announced for PC, Mac, and Linux. Below, you can check out the new aforementioned trailer: