Crossout’s Story-Driven Adventure Mode Is Now in Closed Beta Testing

Crossout’s Story-Driven Adventure Mode Is Now in Closed Beta Testing

Crossout's Aventure mode introduces a sixteen square kilometer map for campaigning in this post-apocalyptic title.

Free-to-play title Crossout has received a brand new Adventure mode which gives players into a story-driven campaign, however, it’s currently in closed beta stages.

Crossout, for those unaware, is developed by Targem Games and published by Gaijin Entertainment and puts players into a post-apocalyptic MMO in which they gain creative freedom over their off-road vehicles. It also comes with advanced damage technology meaning that damage dealt will affect the target instantly. Players battle others in an online PvP environment, however, this new mode brings players together. Back in 2017, the title hit three-million players in under a month since it launched back in May 2017.

Players will now be able to take part in a large-scale, story-driven campaign with an array of side quests and other events taking place around the world. It can be played either alone or with friends through cooperative mode, and those that do play will earn a special resource that can be spent to craft unique weapons or even decorative elements for any vehicle in Crossout. This resource is known as Engraved Shells.

The story looks at inhabitants who have lost their mind, becoming hostile and craving death. Those who don’t fall victim end up with no memory of their past life. You take control as one of these survivors who desire to learn more about themselves as the campaign progresses. They attempt to find allies to help locate the evil lurking in the Wastelands, return their memory, and more. If that interests you then you’ll be able to find more details about the background story through Developer Diaries.

For now, Adventure mode is taking place in Blood Rocks, which is currently Crossout’s biggest location sitting at sixteen square kilometers. Players are able to explore the world, hunt enemies, and take on the story and additional missions. Furthermore, you’ll be able to use any of your vehicles with the enemies in the world based on your power score. There’s no time limit and allows players to pause and return to a campaign mission at any time.

Crossout’s Adventure mode is available now in closed beta testing and only available for those who own the Crossout pack ‘Wholesale Recall’. Although, there is an application to get access to the test ahead of the modes official release.

Crossout is available now for free on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.