Crossout's Open Beta Anniversary Update Includes Mountable Fireworks and Cosmetics

Crossout has received a one year anniversary update that introduces mountable firework launchers, a bunch of stickers, and some fixes.

It has been one year since Targem Games’ post-apocalyptic title Crossout launched into open beta. As a way to celebrate, various cosmetics have been added to the game to earn through battles. A mountable fireworks launcher is also available as well as rewards for activating two-step authentication.

The celebration will be taking place on the 1st of June 2018 and will end on the 7th of June. To receive the unique Anniversary firework launcher that can be mounted on a vehicle, players only need to sign in.

Challenges are available to participate in to unlock unique commemorative rewards. Players who gain five wins in raids or missions will unlock a Steppenwolf sticker. For ten wins a Dawn’s Child sticker, and for fifteen wins a Firestarter sticker. You can check out these stickers in the featured image above.

Players in Crossout’s massively multiplayer online world get to build deadly machines to take out onto a PVP battlefield. Players can modify vehicles in whatever way the player desires, with whatever weapons they can create and for whatever purpose.

For a month, another event is taking place that essentially encourages players to secure their Gaijin Entertainment accounts. Players will receive a unique sticker (that they cannot trade) and gain access to an in-game scanner for 24-hours. All they need to do is enable two-step authentication for their Crossout, but for those who already have this enabled will get the rewards should they log in during the event.

Along with the above events, developer Targem Games added some bug fixes and additions to the title. The Spike-1 crossbow has had its reloading speed reduced by 22% and the rotation speed reduced by 15%. New sound effects for engines have also been added, and Ghost cabin sound has been updated.

Crossout launched into open beta in 2017 and in under a month had hit three-million players. It began as a free-to-play title in May 2017 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 and is still available as such.

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