Crossout Gets First Steel Championship For a Limited Time This Month with New Update

Crossout gets its first Steel Championship mode which brings football to the title alongside other updates and a limited-time pack.

The post-apocalyptic action racer Crossout developed by Targem Games is getting a limited time game mode this month that introduces the games first ever Steel Championship. It bears some resemblance to Psyonix’s Rocket League. The new mode comes alongside the latest update.

In the latest trailer that can be viewed below, we get to see the new mode putting vehicles in a 3v3 situation. Cars are driving around an industrial-looking arena and trying to hit a large ball into the opposing team’s goal. It appears to be focusing on having a more realistic, grounded match unlike Rocket League’s rocket boosting ability that can send players rocketing in the air.

Crossout will allow players to take part in the Steel Championship from the 8th of June until the 21st of June 2018. Players will be equipped with a custom car that has two weapons already attached to it. A Crossbow will be used for kicking or passing the ball, while a Harpoon will be used for grabbing and pulling a ball about the arena.

The rules are “Anything goes”. Weapons do not deal damage to other players, instead, they offer tactical advantages such as dragging away a player from defending. Matches last for five minutes and the winners are determined by scoring the most in that time. End on a draw and a five minute overtime comes into play.

Players who take part and do well in the Crossout Steel Championship will gain exclusive decals and cosmetics for their vehicles. These can be sold to other players through the marketplace if the player wishes. To get these, players will need to achieve the following.

  • For 1 victory in the brawl the player receives a unique sticker ‘Number 1’
  • For 3 victories in the brawl, the player receives a unique sticker ‘Number 4’
  • For 5 victories in the brawl the player receives a unique sticker ‘Number 7’
  • For 8 victories in the brawl, the player receives a unique sticker ‘Number 9’
  • For 10 victories in the brawl, the player receives a unique ‘Number One Hand’ decor.
  • For 15 victories in the brawl the player receives a unique decoration ‘Goat Hand’.

Targem Games says that once a trophy has been achieved, the win count resets to zero, so expect to play a lot of matches.

The dates for the Steel Championship work like this: All brawls in Crossout will be replaced for a week with the new Steel Championship mode from the 7th of June to the 14th of June.

Then those removed brawls will return but the Steel Championship will remain alongside them until the 21st of June.

After the 21st, Targem Games will look at the reaction and statistics for the mode and decide on whether it will continue to be in the rotation.

As well as the Steel Championship and the new arena map, the update will bring a limited “Third Half” pack that can be purchased from June the 7th until July the 16th 2018. The pack includes the following:

  • Unique armored car: ‘Fan Van’;
  • Unique horn of legendary rarity: ‘Vuvuzela’;
  • Unique decor of legendary rarity: ‘Black and Blue’ and ‘Red Eye’ flares;
  • Unique hero portrait: Hector;
  • Unique sticker of relic rarity: ‘Ball in the game’;
  • Unique paint can of relic rarity: ‘To the championship!’;
  • Increases the maximum number of parts used to 40;
  • 500 in-game coins.

A bunch of improvements to weapons and parts have been applied through the update. Bug fixes have also been added. The full list of what has been improved and updated can be read over at the official website.

Crossout launched back in 2017 as a free-to-play title and hit over three-million players in under a month. It has recently just had a one-year anniversary update.

Crossout is available for free for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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