Crossover Puzzle-Fighting Game Crystal Crisis Announced for Nintendo Switch by Nicalis

Crossover Puzzle-Fighting Game Crystal Crisis Announced for Nintendo Switch by Nicalis

Nicalis has announced Crystal Crisis for the Nintendo Switch, a crossover puzzle-fighting game that features characters from several Nicalis series.

Even though Capcom recently announced that its crossover mobile title Puzzle Fighter would be closing in a couple months, puzzle-fighting fans shouldn’t be worried about the future of the genre. Nicalis has announced Crystal Crisis, a color-matching puzzle fighting game hybrid and crossover of several prominent Nicalis characters that is coming to Nintendo Switch this fall.

Crystal Crisis will have players matching similarly-colored gems in order to fill up their burst gauge in order to attack other players. The game will let player wrap pieces around the board, opening up more placement options. When it comes to modes, Crystal Crisis will have the standard Arcade, Survival, Tag-Team and Training modes alongside both local and online multiplayer.

When it comes to the crossover part of Crystal Crisis, several notable character make an appearance. So far Quote, Ballos, Curly Brace from Cave Story, Issac from The Binding of Issac, Princess Solange from Code of Princess, Jim Hawkins, Aban, Tina from 1001 Spikes, President Thompson and a zombie from The Tempura of the Dead, Akuji from Akuji the Demon, Knight from Hydra Castle Labyrinth, TurboDuo’s all-but-forgotten mascot Johnny Turbo, famous Tezuka Productions characters Atom and Black Jack, and Helen from the upcoming Blade Strangers have been confirmed for the game.

Crstyal Crisis is also poised to feature some new characters from other in-development Nicalis games: vampire-killer Hunter, Gothic vampire Elise, and a Ninja. At launch, the game will cost players $39.99. Like other physical releases from Nicalis, the retail version of Crystal Crisis will include a full color game manual and a “bonus collectible” that will be announced at a later date.

Below, you can check out the first screenshots and the announcement trailer for this title. Crystal Crisis is currently set to released on Nintendo Switch this fall.