The Crown of Leaves Launches on Steam Greenlight

The Crown of Leaves Launches on Steam Greenlight

Earlier this week, a team of Russian-based developers announced their new visual novel, fantasy-adventure game hybrid, The Crown of Leaves, was launching on Steam Greenlight in hope to earn community support to get onto Steam.

Here’s an overview of the game, courtesy of its Steam page:

Story –

Roui (the protagonist) became a jeweler out of necessity to keep a roof over his head. In the past, he was obsessed with cryptograms, ciphers and riddles. That all changed however due to a series of dark events, prompting him to give up his hobbies and do away with them for good. One day, a prosperous, local Baron commissioned him for a bracelet, a gift for his lovely bride. Roui, in need of the extra coin, graciously accepted the order. Not long afterward, an unknown thief mysteriously stole away his jewelry blank. Yet another unknown individual showed up shortly after (known as the Stranger), telling Roui that the thief was none other then the Mad Rook, a legendary and mysterious gypsy spirit. This spirit, an entity that plays tricks on mortals once a year, possessed strange magic and a dark sense of humor. Roui had no choice – he decided to meet the Stranger personally to gather information and find the Mad Rook. Only then would he be able to get his bracelet back.
Despite of all the strangeness of the story, everyone could find something parallel to their everyday life and find themselves in one of the characters.

Setting –

The setting is a fictional world called Shang-La, a world of mixed cultures and eras, and a home to strange creatures. It’s a place of old magic and new ideas, where science works together with mysticism. You can find glasses and phones here, electricity and radio, but no guns or television. The inhabitants of this world still fight with swords, but already invented bicycles and cameras.
So yes, it’s a strange place.

Features –

  • Communicate with multiple characters, forge friendships, and make bitter enemies. Your words carry meaning and every piece of dialogue you speak will affect the story. Choose your words carefully. As the saying goes, “A word once spoken is past recalling”.

  •  Decode ciphers!

  • Collect strange items and use them to get yourself out of tight situations. Those items could be given as gifts for the characters you like, or used in magical stuff!

  • Explore the world of Shang-La and meet unusual creatures, animals, spirits, and ghosts.

  • Choose who you wish to become – the hero or the villain. But be prepared for the consequences, as neither choice comes without them.

  • A mix of a visual novel and a point-and-click genre!

  •  Animated sprites

  • An original, richly-crafted world with intriguing concepts

  • Atmospheric OST

  • A few different endings of the each episode

In development for PC, The Crown of Leaves currently doesn’t have a release date or window. The game is supposedly going to be episodic, but how many episodes exactly, wasn’t divulged.

Below, you can check out the announcement trailer: