Crusader Kings II: Monks and Mystics Expansion Out Today; Launch Trailer Released

Crusader Kings II: Monks and Mystics Expansion Out Today; Launch Trailer Released

Today, publisher Paradox Interactive and its in-house studio Paradox Development Studio’s newest expansion for Crusader Kings II, Monks and Mystics, launches today on PC, Mac, and Linux. And to celebrate, Paradox has released a new launch trailer

For those that don’t know: Crusader Kings II is a grand strategy game set in the Middle Ages that released back in February of 2012. The game has been Paradox’s second most successful release to date, after only Cities: Skylines, with over 1 million copies sold. The game is essentially the closet you can come to playing a true Game of Thrones style game, especially if you activate the Game of Thrones mod.

Monks and Mystics specifically is the game’s newest expansion. In the add-on, your ruler has the chance to join religious societies to improve their standing with both humankind and God (or the gods). You can join a monastic order and pursue traditional virtues and learning, or seek out the kind of knowledge only available to those skilled in alchemy and astrology. More of a cult guy? No problem, as with this expansion you can also join underground religious cults to weaken the church or to pray to elemental forces of darkness to unlock new and terrible powers.

Here’s an overview of the expansion via Paradox:

For centuries, the abbeys of Europe have had a sacred mission – to keep the flame of holy knowledge burning through an era of strife and to keep the secular powers on a righteous path. To the east, a mysterious new sect seeks out those who stray from the Prophet’s path, using not-so-gentle means to remind the impious of the power of God. And, in the shadows, alchemists and religious usurpers challenge the current order. Rumors of dark sacrifices are whispered in taverns throughout the known world.

Welcome to the world of Monks and Mystics.

In Monks and Mystics, your characters can follow new paths in their search for religious enlightenment and holy blessing, joining sacred societies or secret brotherhoods that open new opportunities for role-playing and story-telling in one of the most popular historical strategy games ever made.


  • Societies: Characters earn new powers and encounter new events as they climb the ranks of religious societies.

  • Monastic Orders: Stay on the holy path of charity and good works, building churches and serving the poor.

  • Devil Worship: Secretly worship the masters of darkness in a quest for great powers that will smite your enemies and extend your life.

  • Assassins and Hermetics: Join a secret brotherhood of sacred murderers, striking at all who undermine the faith or try to fuse the holy and the mundane through study of alchemy and astrology.

  • Relics and Special Items: Characters can acquire holy relics, masterwork weapons or elaborate piece of jewelry. Store them in your treasury to gain prestige and other benefits.

  • New Orders for Councilors: Your closest advisors will never be idle, with new general instructions that let them use their Talents while sitting safe in your castle.

  • And much more

Monks and Mystics costs $14.99 USD. Additionally, the Crusader Kings II: Hymns of Revelations music pack is now available for $1.99 USD. The pack includes five news songs: Angus Dei, Ave Maris Stella, Deus Misere, Mystery, and Rorate. According to Paradox, these songs “transport your soul to heavenly heights while you scheme and plot on earth.”

Below, you can check out the new launch trailer: