Crusader Kings II Pre-Order and Demo Now Available

on February 7, 2012 9:20 AM

To hail the coming of the newest entry into their dynastic strategy/RPG series, Paradox Interactive announced today that  Crusader Kings II is now available for pre-order. PC overlords, steeple your fingers in anticipation: pre-order bonuses abound. In addition to a full game in Crusader Kings Complete, fans who pre-order Kings II will receive two DLC packs.

Pack one, entitled Mongol Families, adds a depth of diversity to the game, providing thousands of unique facial combinations for male and female characters of the Mongol cultures. It also contains seven new sprites: Archers both mounted and unmounted, Pikemen, and Light and Heavy divisions of both Cavalry and Infantrymen. Continue reading after the break for more DLC information and a link to the demo.

The second DLC pack contains 50 unique dynastic shield designs, corresponding to the 50 most famous families of medieval Europe. Here is a link to the pre-order, because we here at Dualshockers love making things easy for you.

And for those of you who are still unsure of the game, or for those loyal fans who don’t want to wait until Crusader Kings II releases on February 14th (for $39.99), here is a link to the demo.

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