Crying Obsidian – What Does It Do And Where to Find It?

Crying Obsidian – What Does It Do And Where to Find It?

Crying Obsidian is a rare purple block in Minecraft that can be used for building Portals. Here is how to get it.

Since its launch back in 2009, the world of Minecraft has been expanding more and more with new contents, modes, materials, and locations. Even you are a veteran Minecraft player, it’s not surprising at all if you haven’t ever heard about some material in the game’s world. There are a lot of rare species in Minecraft and Crying Obsidian is one of them. A purple block that can only be found in some special places if you would be lucky enough. Here we will go over this rare block and guide you to mine some for yourself.

What is Crying Obsidian?

Introduced in the Nether update, Crying Obsidian is a black and purple block that releases small purple articles to its surrounding area continuously, which lightens the block’s nearby area. That’s why it’s called Crying Obsidian.

Where to Find Crying Obsidian?

These purple blocks are being generated naturally in Ruined Portals. When you enter a Ruined Portal, you will find the purple Obsidians next to the lava. Make sure you have a diamond or Netherite pickaxe since they are the only tools that can mine Crying Obsidians. Aside from that, you can also get these crying blocks from some of the chests inside Bastion Remnants. There is a 9% possibility of getting 1-3 purple obsidian from the Bastion Remnant chests. The last way to get these glowing blocks is to trade with Piglins. Keep in mind that you cannot craft these crying kind of Obsidians yourself.

What Does Crying Obsidian Do?

Despite the fact that you can use these purple blocks as decorative species, you can also build portals into the Nether with these Obsidians. Unlike the other Obsidians, the crying one will emit light.

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