Cryptic Details New Romulan Console Sets and Bonuses

By David Rodriguez

May 16, 2013

Much like the Ambassador-class and Long-Range Science Vessel retrofits (among others), Cryptic has announced that any players who purchase Romulan refit/retrofit ships from the C-Store or obtain them in a Legacy Packs will have access to special consoles in each ship. Each console can be removed and affixed to any other ship of the player’s choosing. Each console set will provide a bonus to whichever ship they are equipped to. The following consoles and bonuses have been identified as being included with retrofit/refit ships:

Enhanced Projectile Efficiency Set

  • Found in T’varo and T’varo Retrofit.
  • The consoles included in this set are the Singularity Stabilizer and the Plasma Destabilizer.
  • Moderately increases your ship’s damage with Projectile weapons, such as Torpedoes and Mines.
  • Moderately decreases your cooldown for firing projectile weapons.

Enhanced Defensive Systems Set

  • Found in Dhael and Dhaelan Retrofit.
  • The consoles included in this set are the Singularity Inverter and the Sabotage Probe.
  • Increases your ship’s Defense value based on how quickly you are moving.
  • Provides a minor bonus to Shield Power.

Enhanced Weapons System Efficiency Set

  • Found in Valdore and Mogai Retrofit.
  • The consoles included in this set are the Shield Absorptive Frequency Generator and the Ionized Particle Beam.
  • Moderately increases your resistance to abilities that drain your Weapon Power.
  • Decreases the Weapon Power usage of your Directed Energy weapons.
  • Provides a minor bonus to Weapon Power.

Enhanced Maneuvering Thrusters Set

  • Found in D’ridthau Warbird Battle Cruiser and the D’deridex Retrofit.
  • The consoles included in this set are the Projected Singularity and the Molecular Phase Inversion Field.
  • Provides a minor increase to your ship’s Turn Rate and a moderate increase to your ship’s Engine Power.

Legacy of Romulus will be released on May 21st, 2013.

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