Cryptic Promises Bright Post-Acquisition Future, Restarts Hiring

Cryptic Promises Bright Post-Acquisition Future, Restarts Hiring

Many have wondered what will become of Cryptic Studios after the acquisition by the Chinese MMO publisher Perfect World Entertainment.

Today Cryptic gave a positive signal on the Champions Online forums, stating that the future looks remarkably bright.

Fans should expect many announcements coming in the near future:

 …announcements that may even detail significant improvements to our existing products and shed light on games we still have in development”

The transition between Atari-powered services and Perfect World Entertainment should also be painless for current Champions Online and Star Trek Online players, as most of the changes will be just cosmetic and expected to roll out by August the 18th.

A further signal of incoming funds from China is that Cryptic is looking to expand the team and has posted notices about new position available. In a market in which so many companies are laying off people, one that’s hiring is definitely good news.