Cryptic Studios Releases Newest Update for Star Trek Online – Season Six: Under Siege

on July 18, 2012 7:34 AM

Following its less than stellar debut two years ago, Star Trek Online has enjoyed a wealth of updates in the form of ‘seasons’ that have expanded on various aspects of the game that were most important to the community. The developers of the game, Cryptic Studios, recently released their newest update entitled, Season Six: Under Siege.

The primary focus of this update was to augment the fleet (guild) system, which many players felt had been underdeveloped since its inception. Among the various additions and fixes to the system, one of the most prominent was the inclusion of Fleet Bases, where players can take part in the following:

Unlock new Starbase enhancements, access new Operational Assets, or add brand-new ultra-rare items to your Fleet Store, including new starships, equipment and uniforms. Move up in the Military, Science or Engineering tracks, or work on your Starbase to expand its size and facilities. Your Fleet can choose which projects it wants to undertake, creating a customized progression that focuses on what’s important to you.

More endgame content was added, including a form of ‘horde mode,’ derived from the infamous Kobayashi-Maru examination mentioned in the television show. The Tholians have also joined the fray in the form of new missions. Other updates were made to the Foundry system as well. You can check out the full list and summary of details of this new update on the STO website, linked below.

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