Crysis 2 Multiplayer And It's “Confusing” Trophies Guide

By Kyle Durant

April 7, 2011

With this next installment in the trophy articles, by GOODKyle, we’ll cover how to get a few rather confusing, multiplayer trophies and give you tips every Crysis 2 gamer should know and implement. Now the word confusing is worded loosely because the trophies themselves aren’t hard to envision but other circumstances make them difficult to obtain. (i.e. The game says there are 29 weapons but you can only unlock 20 as of right now). Also, before you hit the read more button, realize that the tips won’t (100%) make you a better player…but will definitely give you an advantage over your opponents. Lastly, if you have any trophy requests of your own feel free to ask DualShockers via comments, twitter, or facebook!

Let’s start with the trophies shall we?

Simple and straight forward right? For the most part it is. Sadly, for those with smart heads on their shoulders; you’ll realize that your unlock records say there are 29 weapons but you can only count 20 (including explosives). Do not worry as you will eventually get this trophy when you unlock all primary/secondary weapons and explosives (grenades, rocket launcher). Despite what your unlock record says…20/29 weapons…the trophy will appear in a PING! The only conclusion we, logical gamers, can come too is the other 9 weapons will make an appearance in DLC? (Once this article is published, the 29 marker will have gone down to 20. Was it just an error or a leak?).

This trophy is easy to acquire; you just may not know it. When someone says “fully”, you think of the word completely right? That is not the case with this unlockable. Those who have played Crysis 2 online, at least once, should know the Nanosuit has three main suit modules that you can level up: Armor, Power, and Stealth. In each module are a number of upgradeable options/powers to equip and use (Nano Recharge, Blind Spot, Point Fire Enhance). With the description of this trophy as it is, one would assume you’d have to level up each main suit module along with their respective powers to the max. Turns out all you have to do is level up the Armor, Power, and Stealth module to twelve to receive the trophy. (You level them up by using each ability in-game).

A lot of people thought that spot assists were just kill assists. That is not the case. To get a spot assist you must push the up directional button on the PS3 controller, work an enemy into your sights, and hover over them for a second. The enemy should then have a red arrow above their head which will even show through objects. This should make it extremely easy for your teammates to kill the person and then you’ll receive a spot assist! Repeat this thirty times. (Tip #1: Actually use this in game every now and then. It really helps the pace of the game and your teammates!)

Some good maps and spots to accomplish this are as follows:

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Skyline – Climb your way to the roof of the big greenhouse. From here you have 360 view of the entire map and should be able to find anyone with ease. Be careful though as people will see you too. Stealth mode is a plus here.

Wall Street – Make your way to the two towers parallel to the main street (one has an HMG attached to it). The towers offer a perfect view of the streets and some other parts of the map. The only place this view can’t see is inside the wall street building.

Lighthouse – Simply climb your way up to the top of the lighthouse and have fun.

Statue – This map is full of tent like structures with two warehouses. Make your way to the only building reachable and get to its roof. Just like the Skyline map, stealth is a plus here.

This trophy is hard to get because, for some reason, the game locks challenges until you reach a certain level. (Stupid I know). Luckily, all skills kills are listed below.

First Strike – Be the first person to get a kill when the match starts.
Blind Fury – You have to kill an enemy while you are blinded by a flashbang.
Dead Air – Kill someone while they are in the air.
Specter – Perform a stealth kill, on someone from behind, when you are invisible by pushing down on R3.
Headshot – Get a headshot.
Triple Kill – Kill three enemies within seconds of each other.
Psycho – Get five kills in a row within a short time.
Vengeance – Kill the person who just killed you.
Puncture – Shoot someone through an object.
Blinding – Throw a flash grenade at an enemy and then kill them while they are blinded.
Combined Fire – Shoot someone with your primary gun and then switch to your secondary or pistol and finish them off.
Road Rage – You have the option to kick cars by pushing R3 down when you are next to them. Kill someone in that fashion.
Denied – Kill someone who is on a killing streak.
Busted – Kill someone who is cloaked.
Defiant – When your screen is red, kill someone in that state.
Smackdown – Melee kill an enemy
Double Kill – Kill two people within seconds of each other.
Relentless – Kill four people in succession during a set amount of time.
Resurgence – When you are on a deathstreak simply kill someone.
Wingman – Kill someone while you are airborne.
Guardian – Save a wounded teammate. Just kill an enemy who is busy shooting at one of your teammates.
Flushed – For this one you have to throw a grenade at an enemy to flush them out of hiding. Make sure they don’t die from the grenade and kill them as they run from the explosive.
Intervention – Kill someone preemptively.

On to the tips. Be advised that these tips are specifically targeted towards Crysis 2‘s multiplayer and not overall FPS tactics. Those should be used by everyone all the time no matter the game. (i.e. suppressors don’t reveal your position on radar when firing, don’t rush into things, know how many bullets you have before you need to reload, pay attention to the radar, switch to secondary weapon when out of primary ammo and facing an enemy, etc.). Adhere to the following tips and you should have a good grasp on Crysis 2 and its multiplayer component.

Let’s start with the stealth/cloak ability. This module will most likely be your best friend. However, like all friends…it doesn’t enjoy EVERYTHING you do. First off don’t attack at all when you’re invisible. If you shoot, throw a grenade, or melee…your energy bar (which fuels your armor, sprinting, and stealth) will deplete to zero and leave you with no power for a short amount of time (which is more than enough for enemies to kill you). Likewise, don’t melee someone while you are still invisible. Make sure you de-cloak first; because if you don’t the first melee attack will do no damage and ergo will take three hits to kill someone. If this tip isn’t implemented expect to be killed by your opponent, even if you have the drop on them.

Now that you know attacking of any kind while in stealth mode will deplete your energy bar, take into account using a combination of tactics. The combination I’m going to talk about is stealth and sprinting. The more “abilities” you use, the faster your power bar is going to deplete. If you sprint while invisible, you’ll waste quite a bit of energy. My advice…don’t run while invisible unless you know where and what you’re doing. (i.e. there is cover around and you need to get to it, you’re running away from STRAY bullets, etc.). With that said, when you are unexpectedly shot…DON’T ACTIVATE STEALTH. Going invisible is useful but while in this state it only takes two or three bullets to kill you. If anything activate armor mode while either shooting back with the intent to kill or establishing cover fire to get to cover. The last tip in the stealth category is reloading. When you are out of ammo and (to your knowledge) no one is around, go invisible and reload. Don’t want someone getting the drop on you with “your pants down” do we?

The next tip is somewhat unappreciated. By pushing down on the directional pad, you can activate “Nano Vision”. This acts as infrared and can detect heat signatures on the screen. If you are unsure where your opponents are and you have a decently good view of the map, go ahead and activate Nano Vision. (Feel free to activate stealth so you aren’t spotted easily by on goers but be careful as this will waste more power). If there is an enemy, who isn’t cloaked or has Blind Spot III equipped, they’ll appear on screen in a reddish color. This is a very easy tactic to find people and get the drop on them.

When and if you have problems with people who go into armor mode like no tomorrow…invest heavily in the K-Volt. This electromagnetic “pellet” gun can drain an enemy’s armor instantly and leave them without the ability to jump or run away. Based on your skill, this enemy should be fairly easy to put away at this point. However, if you start using it as a “primary” gun you may get different results. This gun is very effective against armor but not skin. Be sure to keep this gun in a backup class in case you run into a team of armor whores. The very last tip includes collecting dog tags. If you are just so beast and happen to get your seventh killstreak reward, stop collecting dog tags from the enemies you kill. Why? Well you can’t use them anymore as there are no killstreaks above seven. More importantly, if you get killed you can go right back to the location of those dog tags and get a headstart on your next killstreak process. Dog tags will disappear after some time though.

Other miscellaneous tips that may help an individual but not as much as the ones mentioned above:

-Sliding (while sprinting push circle) can be very helpful if you are the run and gun type gamer.

– When on a HMG, you can detach it by pushing R3. Get your back up against a wall and use armor/stealth effectively and you can destroy anyone near you.

– After you kill a lone enemy, immediately go invisible and run away from the position.

– Stealth kills (melee from behind kills) can only be performed while invisible and standing, with your enemy’s back to you, and they’re standing still or walking.

– Don’t let your energy bar deplete fully. Stop using all things that require power before it empties as this will let the bar recharge much quicker.

– Jumping requires energy. The longer you hold down the jump button (X), the higher you’ll jump, and the more energy you’ll use. Only jump the amount you need to so you don’t waste energy. (i.e. don’t hold down X all the way to get over a simple, one foot jump).

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