Crysis 2 Novel Adaptation Announced

on December 1, 2010 9:00 PM

Crysis 2 Novel Adaptation Announced

Del Rey Books has revealed that a novel adaptation of EA and Crytek’s upcoming FPS Crysis 2 is in the works. The book will be comprised of events in the game and will be a must have for diehard fans of the series.

The title will be Crysis: Legion and it’ll be penned by award winning sci-fi author Peter Watts. Check out this excerpt from the press release for more:

InĀ CRYSIS: LEGION, terrifying armored alien invaders stalk the streets of New York, while a nightmare plague strikes down its human population with brutal speed. The city is in chaos, its streets and skyline in smashed and flaming ruin. Nothing can stand against the invaders, leaving New Yorkers with a stark choice – flee or die. Just to survive in this inferno will require technology and armor beyond anything any modern soldier has ever seen. One man will inherit that means to survive. His mission: shake off death, carry the fight to the aliens and drive them back.

Crysis: Legion will be released in March. Similarly, the game on which it is based, Crysis 2, will also be released in March, for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PS3. Surely game fans who are also literature fans can appreciate this.


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