Crysis Remastered Could Reportedly be Releasing Later this Week

Crysis Remastered Could Reportedly be Releasing Later this Week

Crysis Remastered seems as though it could finally be launching later this week, with the release date potentially outed in a new YouTube video.

Earlier this summer, Crytek was set to release Crysis Remastered, the touched-up re-release of one of the most popular shooters of the last generation. However, not long before launch, Crytek ended up delaying the game indefinitely after fans began criticizing the game for hardly looking like the remaster that they hoped it would be. Now, it seems as though Crysis Remastered could finally have a launch date and it might be coming far sooner than you’d expect.

YouTube channel PlayStation Access recently uploaded a new video that claims Crysis Remastered will be launching on PS4 later this week on Friday, August 21. By proxy, it would make sense for the game to also be landing on Xbox One and PC on this same date, too. However, the problem is that the release date in question hasn’t been verified by Crytek as of this moment, making it a bit confusing as to where this information is coming from.

For now, we shouldn’t take this new release date for Crysis Remastered as the complete truth, but there is a chance that it is an accurate date. For starters, the official Crysis Twitter account just recently teased that new information on the remaster would be coming quite soon and indicated that a release would be soon upon us. In this case specifically, PlayStation Access could have just had the release date information pre-seeded to them ahead of time to prepare for its inevitable announcement.

We’ll keep you updated on this story as more information inevitably comes to light. Until then, Crysis Remastered is actually already available right now on the Nintendo Switch.