Crysis Remastered Teaser Trailer Has Officially Arrived

Nomad is back.

Crytek has been doing a lot of teasing the past few days in regards to Crysis. Originally, the official Twitter account started tweeting again, leaving us all wondering if a new title was in the works, or even a remaster. A tweet specifically referring to a line of dialogue from the original game locked in those thoughts of a remaster, which was, as of today, confirmed through a leak. Now we’ve got a simple teaser trailer to get even more hype.

The short teaser trailer starts off by nabbing a bunch of YouTube comments begging for something Crysis related and then slaps them all across the screen. That’s when we’re then introduced to Jake “Nomad” Dunn, the protagonist from the original game. We see Dunn standing in the middle of a jungle in his Nanosuit, his back facing the camera. Dat ass though.

The video cuts to black just as he glances to behind himself toward the camera, possibly breaking the fourth wall, or looking back on his past, who knows? But yes, there it is, the Crysis Remastered title screen with an added “coming soon” banner.

Crysis may have been the game from 2007 which wound up to be the benchmark for high-end gaming rigs, but it seems like the remaster will be a little bit less demanding, considering the title is slated to launch on the Nintendo Switch as it’s confirmed at the end of the trailer. It’s also heading to PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The website is also live now, after numerous hours of featuring Nomad in a dark room. Not much information is present as expected, but hey, it’s kinda pretty.

One thing I do hope to see if RTX support for the PC version of the game, imagine how incredible that would look. What do you think about Crysis Remastered? Are you excited to see the classic being brought back to life? Would you have hoped for a new installment to the series?

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