PS4 Exclusive Crystar Details New Characters and Game Systems with Beautiful Artwork

Furyu's PS4 exclusive JRPG, Crystar, gets new details on two characters and systems. Crystar is written by Naoki Hisaya, known for the Visual Novel Kanon.

Japanese studio Furyu revealed new characters and game system details for its upcoming PS4 RPG Crystar.

The first new character is Kuon, a mysterious girl that looks strikingly similar to Rei, the main character of the game. They’re also both voiced by Reina Kondou. Kuon aids Rei throughout the game and asks her to collect “Aletheia”. Instead of the “Ideas” crystals which Rei is collecting for the devils, “Aletheia” is a purer version of “Ideas”.

The second character is Yuri Minano, voiced by Aimi Tanaka. One year before the game’s story, she used to be classmates with Rei in last year of Junior High School. Sadly, she passed away in a bus traffic accident, the same one which claimed the life of  Sen Megumiba, a playable character in Rei’s party.

Furyu also detailed the game’s “Thought Equipment”. Rei and the other three party members can equip these to strengthen themselves. They’re classified into three different types: “Offensive Thought Equipment”, “Defensive Thought Equipment” and “Support Thought Equipment”. They’re unlocked by different means, mostly by leveling up with “Katharsis”, and can be upgraded using “Thought Ore”.

You can check out the new characters in the gallery below. You can read more about the game’s story here. You could also take a look at the previous trailers and screenshots for the game.

Crystar will release in Japan for PS4 on October 18th. The game has no release planned in the west yet, but I really hope it will come over, as I’m curious to see how all the complicated terms in the game will be localized.

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