Crytek: "Crysis 2 Will Be EXACTLY The Same on PS3 and 360"

By Joel Taveras

February 17, 2011

Yesterday I had the chance to get up close and personal with the final build of Crysis 2 on the Xbox 360. initially I thought to myself “big deal, it’s Crysis 2” but then i realized that “holy crap it’s in full 3D on the Xbox 360!” Now we all knew since it’s announcement and reveal at last year’s E3 that Crysis 2 would have 3D across every platform but I’m pretty sure that questions still loomed over the idea as to how it would be implemented on the 360. With that in mind I decided to take the time throughout my play through to find out about the tech behind Crysis 2.

“3D was something we were working on since work began on Crysis 2” says Crytek’s Nathan Camarillo, “you really need to take the time to figure out what works and what doesn’t, what elements should stand out in order to help the player move along.”

As Nathan and I were talking about 3D I immediately had tons of questions, one being whether or not graphical fidelity is affected by the 3D effect, and to my surprise his answer was an astounding “no.” Not only will video not be affected by a dip in quality during 3D use, neither will audio (as some have feared) which should have A/V junkies jumping for joy.”We really took the time to learn the architecture on both the 360 and the PS3, I mean just look at the 360 hardware, it’s FIVE years old yet we are still able pull off what you’re seeing today… With that said, for all the PC gamers out there, if you have a rig from five years ago you shouldn’t have an issue running Crysis 2 on your PC” explained Camarillo.

Once there was mention of consoles and comparisons, i simply couldn’t help myself from stirring the pot and fanning the fanboy flames. Fear not my pixel counting brethren, because according to Camarillo Crysis 2 will be “EXACTLY the same on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.” which was followed up with “all the time that was spent simultaneously developing on all three platforms we quickly adjusted to the needs of each one. The Ps3 and it’s multiple cores is great because of all the processing power, but the video memory is split into two, where on the 360 it isn’t, with that said both truly have their own strengths and weaknesses but we have a great team at Crytek who made sure that we’re able to deliver an identical product across the board.”

As someone who’s grown accustomed to playing titles in 3D in what seems like every gaming press event lately, I must say that titles have rarely made me truly justify the premium cost of 3D gaming but after playing Crysis 2 it seems that I need to add another technical powerhouse to that list. If you’re one of the early adopters who already owns a 3DTV just know that I kind of hate you right now.

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Crysis 2 launches Tuesday March 22nd 2011 and it will be available on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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