Crytek: Monster Hunter Online Is NOT Confirmed for North America and Europe

Crytek: Monster Hunter Online Is NOT Confirmed for North America and Europe

I hate to start my reporting day with bad news: a couple days ago Crytek sent a press release stating that Monster Hunter Online would be released worldwide by Tencent and Campcom.

While I did specify that the press release didn’t come directly from Tencent, so it wasn’t a 100% official announcement of a localization, it was still the next best thing.

Unfortunately the “next best thing” often isn’t enough, and today Crytek sent us another press release basically taking everything back. Here’s the relevant quote:

In a press release issued last week, we stated that the upcoming Monster Hunter Online from Tencent Games and Capcom would be released “internationally”. This information was in contrast to official communications from Tencent Games, who only confirmed the release of Monster Hunter Online for the Chinese market at a recent promotional event.

As stated by Tencent Games, Monster Hunter Online is only officially confirmed for release in China, and we would like to apologize for any confusion caused by our stating otherwise.

While this doesn’t mean that Monster Hunter Online will never come to the west, it does mean that there’s nothing official to fuel our hopes for the moment. We’re back to square one, and we’ll have to wait for something to come directly from Tencent.

It’s most definitely a pity, but I still have a feeling that we’ll get the game sooner or later. Tencent has been looking into the western market very seriously as of late, and Monster Hunter Online, as a well known IP, would be the perfect chance for them to cross that bridge. We can only wait and hope.