Crytek to Partnership with PlayFusion to Give CRYENGINE Additional Features

Crytek to Partnership with PlayFusion to Give CRYENGINE Additional Features

This partnership with Crytek would mean including PlayFusion's Enhanced Reality Engine into the CRYENGINE software for added tools and features.

PlayFusion has announced a strategic partnership with Crytek to give CRYENGINE licensees new features and development tools. The agreement includes PlayFusion’s Enhanced Reality Engine to be included with the CRYENGINE software.

Avni Yerli, the Crytek joint CEO and founder, had this to say about the partnership with PlayFusion:

PlayFusion’s visionary technology brings next-level multiplayer augmented reality capabilities to our already powerful game development platform CRYENGINE. Supplementing CRYENGINE with the industry’s most feature-rich and performant AR technology perfectly rounds out our ability to seamlessly immerse people in compelling virtual experiences with an incredible level of realism…The creative and technical strength of today’s global developer community makes this a great time bring amazing new experiences to life-and these are the best tools for the job.

PlayFusion has a history of developing technologies such as audio recognition, machine learning, computer vision, and the world’s first comprehensive mixed reality platform-as-a-service spanning IoT hardware. PlayFusion’s CEO and CTO, Mark Gerhard, had this to say about the new business deal struck with Crytek:

It’s a great honour to be selected as Enhanced Reality technology partner by the company that not only defined how modern game engines work, but who are the undisputed standard bearer for photorealistic, real-time 3D. We really look forward to working with them to advance the state of the art and to establish the new standard in Enhanced Reality for the industry.

More details on the partnership between PlayFusion and Crytek will be released in the months to come.