CTF Mode Comes Back To the PC Version of Titanfall

on May 23, 2014 9:05 PM

It took some doing but fans can go back capturing enemy flags. The community spoke, well mostly shouted, that wanted Capture the Flag back in the PC version of Titanfall after it was was removed last week.

Respawn Entertainment recently took down the Pilot Hunter and Capture the Flag citing complaints about overly long wait times. Well today we saw that CTF was put back in the public matchmaking. Respawn posted a very informative explanation on how issue was addressed along with how the matchmaking in Titanfall works.

Each player, when they load up Titanfall, tests their connection to a bunch of data centers around the world to find which one they connect to with the lowest ping, ping being the designation of how much latency there is for traffic that travels between their machine and the server. Each data center is hosted by Microsoft on their Azure cloud infrastructure. Once the game has found the data center you have the best connection to, you connect to a Private Lobby server. This is where you customize your load-outs, check your stats, invite friends to your party, and so on. You probably didn’t realize it, but at this point you’re on a dedicated server that was spun up just for you. With Microsoft’s Xbox Live Cloud Compute there’s a bazillion (not a technical number) servers in those data centers, waiting for you to come along and ask to use one. All online interactions in Titanfall are handled with these servers, which takes the burden of hosting any matches or lobbies off your individual console or PC and internet connection. This is why there isn’t any host migration or rage-killed servers via console power-off in Titanfall – everything is hosted on dedicated servers in the cloud. This is also why we don’t have rentable dedicated servers – everything is already run on your own dedicated server. Want to play a private match with wacky settings for just you and your friends? Hosted right away and free to you. And we’ll be adding more private match options to give you better customization going forward.

It’s nice to get a rundown on how matchmaking actually works for Titanfall. Respawn also mentioned they are still tweaking and doing improvement on overall matchmaking experience in hopes to combat the issue of even teams and long wait times on the PC version.

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