Cube Life: Island Survival Gets New Trailer for PS4 and Switch Versions

Cube Life: Island Survival Gets New Trailer for PS4 and Switch Versions

Back in early November the Minecraftian game Cube Life: Island Survival was announced for the PS4 and Nintendo’s Switch. Now Cypronia, the Slovakian studio behind the hit Wii U game, released a new trailer giving some history of the title and showing off updated graphics. Also included with these reveals was a tentative release date of ‘late Spring’ of 2017.

The game is very similar to Mojang’s cubist resource management game in look and design. There are two modes: a creative mode and a survival mode. The basic premise is that you’re a unlucky castaway who has drifted onto a deserted island. The only tools in front of you are those which you make yourself.

Eagles, cannibals, and spiders are looking to make you their meal. Also you’ll need to find food, water, and shelter to stay alive. You’ll be able to build boats to explore different areas all the while figuring out to make the 200+ items to help you with your quest. Who knows how far your craftiness will take you.

Cypronia was good about adding substantial updates to the first version of Cube Life: Island Survival on the Wii U. Here’s hoping that the next-gen version brings along all those new features plus extras for those who have already played the game. Maybe they’ll even have some features exclusive only to the Switch. Unfortunately the devs have been tight lipped about everything other than the release date.

The new water effects and detailed terrain cubes do look nice. However the juxtaposition of super-realistic oceans to blocky islands is a little strange. But hey, you get to shoot a shark so there’s that. We’ll see what Cypronia has out on the watery horizon.