Long-in-Development Voxel-based action RPG Cube World Finally Has a Release Date

Long-in-Development Voxel-based action RPG Cube World Finally Has a Release Date

Cube World started development back in 2011. Today, developer Picroma announced the game is finally launching September 30.

Picroma’s Cube World has been in development seemingly since the beginning of time. Designer Wolfram von Funck started development in 2011 and released an early alpha version in 2013. Unfortunately, various circumstances led to the alpha being delisted and unable to be purchased. From there, many were concerned the game would quickly become vaporware. However, Picroma revealed today that the game is coming very soon. Check out the new trailer that announces the September 30 release date.

Cube World has obviously endured a long and draining development cycle. In the early stages of the alpha, the game was the victim of a massive DDOS attack, which seemed to cause von Funck quite a few issues. Afterward, the game received few updates and seemed destined to die off. However, von Funck continued to work on the game in spite of everything and is finally getting the game out to players.

The game visually reminds you of Minecraft, but the creator cites The Legend of Zelda, Secret of Mana, and World of Warcraft as their main sources of inspiration. There is a ton to do in Cube World. You can fight through procedurally-generated dungeons, tame animals, and craft new equipment. It really does feel like they’ve taken the look of Minecraft and combined it with the massive RPG behemoth that is the World of Warcraft. And, for good measure, added a pinch of Zelda exploration to keep the game fresh.

Cube World will come to PC on September 30. Players who purchased the alpha will be able to jump into the closed beta on September 23.