"Cube" YouTube Video Shows The History of Video Games, Everything from Super Mario Bros. to Portal, in Cube Form

YouTube is filled to the brim with videos, channels, and creators entirely devoted to the topic of video games, and every so often a new video gets released that shows levels of cleverness and ingenuity that seem to reach new bounds.

“Cube: A Video About Video Game Graphics” details and honors the history of video games, but in an incredibly creative way as a warping cube morphs throughout the video into cube-like renditions of graphics, animations, and sounds from classic games across the years. Mixing in everything from Asteroids, to Super Mario Bros., to Portal, the video created by YouTube user The Hamster Alliance is a clever and unique way to look at the history of video games.

Now for the challenge: can you name all of the games referenced in the video? See for yourself in the full video of “Cube: A Video About Video Game Graphics” below:

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Ryan Meitzler

Ryan is the Editor-in-Chief at DualShockers and has been a lover of games as long as he can remember. He holds a BA in English and Cinema and lives in New York City.

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