Chroma-Based Puzzle Indie Cubikolor is Heading to Nintendo Switch Next Week

Chroma-Based Puzzle Indie Cubikolor is Heading to Nintendo Switch Next Week

Cubikolor is arriving on Nintendo Switch next week and introducing new features to allow players to make the most of the tactile and gyroscopic features.

Fractal Box has announced that colorful puzzler Cubikolor will be heading to the Nintendo Switch next week. It will also be the first game published and distributed by Light Maze.

In case you missed it, Cubikolor is already available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. However, the Nintendo Switch version launch will introduce a new interface, re-balancing, and new tactile and gyroscopic features made possible by the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con’s to offer a different playing experience.

All in all, there will be over twenty hours of gameplay across one-hundred and fifty levels with the goal being to move a multicolored cube through a world with some colored cubes that will either ascend or descend your cube. For example, if the green side of a cube lands on a green cube, then the player will go up a level, but if another color touches that specific colored cube then the player will go down a level.

There will be many goals and medals to collect throughout Cubikolor and if the Classik game mode is completed and all medals are unlocked then players will be able to switch to a Hardkore mode. [Editor’s Note: What a kool naming mekanik. ~L].

The Nintendo Switch seems to be building a good relationship with indie titles, especially with the Nindie Showcase highlighting what games are coming to the platform. We’re seeing some great titles arriving such as Pode and even Paranautical Activity.

Cubikolor will be launching on June 26, 2018 for Nintendo Switch. Of course, feel free to check out the game’s old trailer from 2016, below: