3DS Exclusive Culdcept Revolt Receives Details on Rebels and Count’s Army

3DS Exclusive Culdcept Revolt Receives Details on Rebels and Count’s Army

NIS America released character and story details for the game Culdcept Revolt, coming to Nintendo 3DS on August 29 in North America and August 29 in Europe.

Culdcept Revolt has a main story mode where players will assume the role of Allen, a confused man suffering from amnesia who has found himself in the city of Celphas. After being rescued by a rebel group, the Free Bats, he begins to recall his power as a Cepter. Lucky, Allen will slowly regain his memory over time and uncover the mystery of this mysterious city.

Along with the story, we’ve received information on each of the characters and enemies.

The Free Bats:

  • Allen – He’s terse and anti-social, but has a strong sense of justice.
  • Alicia – The leader of the Free Bats. She assists Allen in the search for his powers and memories.
  • Sych – Vice Leader of the Free Bats. He holds a hatred for the Count and insists on fighting him, instead of freeing the city.
  • Tenet – Grew up in a monastery, he has a strong faith in Chief God.
  • Yuma – A shy girl with a suspicious personality.
  • Gen – The youngest member of the Free Bats. She is friendly and a talented Cepter.

The Count’s Army:

  • Count Craniss – The tyrannical ruler of the city and a powerful Cepter.
  • Nighthawk – A Cepter hired by the count to hunt down other Cepters.
  • Zonx – Seeks out repel Cepters to put down.
  • Hypna – An Upper Cepter and a ruthless opponent who uses any means to win.

In addition to experiencing the story of Allen and the Free Bats, players will also be able to play optional challenge stages in Quest Mode for over 150 single player stages.

You can check out the character illustration below: