Cuphead Creator Wants to see the Game's Characters Added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

One of the leads behind the beloved Cuphead is vouching for Nintendo to add his characters into Smash Bros now.

March 21, 2019

Indie darling Cuphead was surprisingly announced to be coming to the Nintendo Switch in April yesterday and as a result, fans have already started entertaining the idea of the game’s characters–Cuphead and Mugman–coming to Nintendo’s fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Of those who want to see the duo from Cuphead added to Super Smash Bros. is Studio MDHR’s own Jared Moldenhauer who said recently that he’s dying to see his characters join the game’s roster. Speaking to Game Informer following the announcement of Cuphead coming to Switch, Moldenhauer talked about how it has been his hope to see the characters added to the iconic fighting series for some time. “I’ve dreamed of Smash Bros. [Cuphead and Mugman] belong in there,” Moldenhauer stated.


Going one step further, Moldenhauer encouraged fans to tell Nintendo that they too want to see this collaboration come to fruition. “So basically if fans want it, I couldn’t see how Nintendo wouldn’t want the fans to get what they wanted,” he said jokingly. “I think they would because they support their fans a lot . . . So if Nintendo was keeping their fans happy, then I’d be more than pleased to make that the easiest transition. Just a piece of paper, we don’t need anything. You can have those characters make an appearance.”

It’s worth noting that Moldenhauer said all of this mostly as a joke as Nintendo’s “Nindies” manager Kirk Scott was involved in the conversation. Still, it seems like Moldenhauer is more than eager for this to actually transpire.

So what do you think? Should Nintendo now look into adding Cuphead and Mugman to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as DLC in the future? I know that seeing Joker from Persona 5 square off with Mugman has been a personal dream of my own, so I’m all down to see this happen. Make it so, Nintendo.

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