Cuphead is Coming to Tesla Vehicles of all Places

Cuphead is Coming to Tesla Vehicles of all Places

Here is something you would have never guessed: Cuphead is coming to Tesla vehicles sometime very soon.

Well here is something I never thought I would ever write. It looks like the bullet-hell side-scrolling shooter Cuphead will soon be playable in Teslas vehicles.

Announced by Elon Musk himself via Ryan McCaffrey’s weekly Tesla Podcast, Ride the Lightning, the game will be coming to Tesla’s Model 3, Model S, and Model X. Musk even stated that they have got it working as of right now: “Cuphead, we’ve got working, [The developers] have been helping us make it work. It’s a cool game. It’s insanely difficult. It’s sadistically difficult. It’s a twisted plot. It’s dark. It looks like some cute little Disney thing and you’re like, ‘This plot is very dark.”

Recently, Musk had tweeted out that they were working on porting the Unity game engine to his line of vehicles as well. Cuphead happens to run on the Unity engine. Maja Moldenhauer, one of the developers behind the game at Studio MDHR has already commented on the porting process stating that the Tesla version is “looking nice and clean.” They are hoping to have a release date of later this summer.

As of right now, Tesla vehicles have a list of Atari classic games on the Model S, X, and 3 which include Asteroids, Lunar Lander, and more. While I always thought that smaller or classic games would come to the car, I would have never thought a game like this would make it’s way over. I mean what is next? Dark Souls? The Witcher 3? I swear, in the future if I see someone stuck at a green light because they are trying to get clear some Witcher contracts I am going to be a bit irritated.