Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Delayed to 2021 Due to COVID-19

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Delayed to 2021 Due to COVID-19

Studio MDHR detailed that in light of the challenges presented by development during COVID-19, the upcoming DLC for Cuphead has been delayed.

Thanks to its charming visuals and atmospheres straight out of classic animation, Cuphead has been one of the more distinct titles to arrive in the past few years, with the game now available across consoles and PC (most recently coming to PS4 this year). While its developer Studio MDHR is at work on a new DLC that will bring a whole new set of challenges and bosses to face, it appears that the wait will be a little longer until we can return to the Inkwell Isles.

In a statement, Studio MDHR detailed that The Delicious Last Course DLC for Cuphead has been pushed back to 2021, with the studio specifically tying the delay to the development challenges presented by COVID-19. You can check out the studio’s full statement below:

According to the studio’s founders Chad & Jared Moldenhauer, the development team is aiming to make The Delicious Last Course “anything less than our best work,” and that ultimately “meeting this standard has been extremely challenging” in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. The team clarified that in order to deliver on a quality experience for the DLC, Studio MDHR says it has “made the difficult decision” to push its release back “until we we are confident it will delight the Cuphead community the way we feel it should.”

The Delicious Last Course was initially revealed at E3 2018 by Microsoft, though Studio MDHR has admitted that progress on the DLC has taken longer than initially expected. However, in light of the pandemic and most studios having to adapt to remote work, many studios big and small are having to adapt quickly to the situation, including most recently Square Enix’s permanent work-from-home option for employees.

Cuphead is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac.