Current List of PSP to Vita Titles Released

on February 9, 2012 5:30 PM

There are currently 275 titles on the list, which Sony released along with a guide on how to transfer them, available here. Add these 275 titles to the 25 Vita games on sale at launch, and you’ve got quite a distraction there.

Many of the games are ones you could probably guess, including both Dissidia games — though Crisis Core is currently absent —, Corpse Party, all three portable Persona titles (I know what Alexa’s buying!) and a slew of other fan favorites. If something you’re looking for didn’t make it to the list, rest assured Sony is by no means done. These are just the games that will be available at launch.

Currently, titles can be downloaded either from the PlayStation store, including ones you may have purchased before, or by connecting your Vita to your PS3.

Still, the fact that there is no way in the US to transfer titles you own on UMD to your Vita tells me I’ll be keeping my silver 3000 as long as it holds up. The download prices in the PSN store are in no way discounted, despite the fact that many have been out for years and are a fraction of the price in stores. Regardless, I will probably be getting a Vita at some point in the next few years, as it boasts an impressive lineup of games, both to be released at launch and afterwords.

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