This Custom Controller Allows You to Rage Quit Games by Pouring Actual Salt

This Custom Controller Allows You to Rage Quit Games by Pouring Actual Salt

A little something for the salty players out there.

You’re in the middle of a game and some idiot is spawn camping you so many times you want to throw your controller out the window or at the nearest person – we’ve all been there, right? For those of you who can’t keep your cool and find yourself reaching for that quit button, YouTuber Eric, who runs the channel Insert Controller Here, has come up with the ultimate way for salty players to leave a match.

Eric Heckman, who is a builder of novelty controllers has designed a modded controller that lets pissed off gamers literally pour out salt into a glass of water when they feel the need to release their inner hulk. The microcontroller is a cup of water which is then attached to an Arduino, then by adding salt to the water, it lowers its electrical resistance which sends a command and rage quits whatever game you’re playing. So if you’re playing  League of Legends or Overwatch, for instance, the screws in the glass will automatically detect the salt signaling some commands to exit the game. Genius!

Kotaku reached out to Eric via email where the innovative inventor talked about how he came up with the idea “One of the members suggested creating something based on salt,” he said. “The initial proposal was a salt shaker that you could hit/throw to quit the game—sort of in a fit of rage. But the idea for pouring salt came from me. I got the idea from an old chemistry class. The lesson was that distilled water is not a good conductor of electricity, but when you add salt, it conducts very well. That’s the principle behind this controller.”

If you’re a bit of a hot-head and lose your crap easily in games, you may want to think about making one of these bad boys for yourself. Over on his website, Eric has listed some of the basic functions and commands so you too can rage quit in style or maybe get some help, the choice is yours.

You can check out the Salty Rage Quit Controller Mod video, below: