Check Out These Awesome Custom Pikachu Air Jordans

During the Detective Pikachu movie premiere, Hollywood director Jordan Vogt-Roberts rocks some awesome Pikachu-themed kicks.

During the Detective Pikachu premiere, Hollywood director Jordan Vogt-Roberts (of Kong: Skull Island, Metal Gear fame) decided to show  off his Pokemon pride by decking out in some really great looking customized Pikachu Air Jordans — specifically the AJ1s):

The sneakers, done by Instagram artist Stomping Ground Customs, features a full Pikachu tail on the side. The sneaker design itself is drawn in a cell-shaded style, which nicely highlights the whole product. If you’re interested in buying some of his other works, you can check out his Etsy page here (unfortunately his Pikachu design doesn’t seem to be on there).

If your interest is peaked in these types of kicks, Japanese store Glamb Lodge is selling their own version. This version has a slightly more fluffy look and are apparently very warm; not to mention they sport their own adorable tails sticking out in the back.

Of course this isn’t the first piece of fan-made content to come out due to the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie. In a more bizarre and hilarious turn there’s a crossover short called True Detective Pikachu, a mix of Detective Pikachu and True Crimes. Naturally the short’s namesake is a nightmare fuel inducing humanoid Pikachu.

Justice Smith, who portrays protagonist Tim Goodman, stated in a recent interview that the movie was shot on film, giving it a natural grainy look. Considering the genre, aesthetics, and general atmosphere of the movie this choice makes perfect sense and seems to improve on the already stellar visuals.

For those who are interested in seeing Detective Pikachu in theaters, special Pokemon cards will be given out during the opening weekend.

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