Custom Ultra-Limited PS4 Air Jordans Cost $950; And Look Awesome

By Joel Taveras

September 15, 2014

How much are you willing to pay to display your love of Sony’s PlayStation 4 to the world… on your feet? If that price is somewhere around a thousand bucks, I got an idea of what you might want to set your sights on.

The recent resurgence of sneaker culture is at an all time high. And it’s not just because folks are once again lining up in droves for Nike’s coveted retro releases. There’s a new excitement building and it’s being brought to the community by buyers who create custom pieces. The “JRDN 4 X PS4” is an amazing custom that combines the classic Air Jordan 4 silhouette with design influences from Sony’s PlayStation 4 . The creative mind behind this custom pair of “jays” is Jonny Barry from FreakerSNEAKS.

I reached out to Jonny to get more info about the pair and here’s what he had to say about his PlayStation 4-inspired creation:

DS: What inspired you to make the “JRDN X PS4”?

JB: My inspiration for these came to me in a flash of insight once i had made the decision to buy the PS4 on release day. I’m kind of brand loyal to Sony’s products and i thought the concept would translate well onto a pair of Air Jordan IV’s.

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DS: What was the thought process behind the HDMI ports? What do they do?

JB: Of course I couldn’t just leave these all black, I thought they needed something quirky to make them stand out. So apart from replacing the Jumpman logos with Sony’s Playstation branding, I thought it would be funky to add HDMI ports in the heels. I tried to make them so the shoes would remain wearable. The HDMI ports have no real function, apart from looking cool and they actually come with a custom Jordan HDMI cable that when attached, can act as a type of carry cord for walking around sneaker conventions or something!

DS: What does a pair like this cost and what kind of labor goes into something like this?

JBI will be making a limited edition run of 10 of these and they will come with the HDMI cable and custom box. Price is unconfirmed as of yet, but will probably be around 950USD for the total package. I know that may not sound like a bargain, but quite a few hours is put into each pair to ensure the customer receives a quality product.

Where can readers order a pair from?

JB: Readers can inquire about these by sending a direct email to [email protected] or contact me on Instagram (@freakersneaks).

If you’re wondering when Jonny’s next video game inspired creation will come, he’s wrapping up his most recent custom which features the original Sonic the Hedgehog on an Air Jordan 1.

In the event you have somewhere around a grand burning a hole in your pockets, and you just have to own a pair of (super) limited Air Jordan 4s inspired by the PlayStation 4, you already know what to do. If you don’t have the money, you can join me in drooling over this pair in the gallery below.


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