Custom Rides and Racing Now Available for Free in Mafia III

Custom Rides and Racing Now Available for Free in Mafia III

Today, developer Hangar 13 released a new content patch for Mafia III that notably adds races and car customization to New Bordeaux.

Here’s a rundown of everything in the update:

Car customization:

A big request since the game launched in October, car customizations for Lincoln’s fleet of up to 10 cars is finally here. The cars include the six you earn through playing the game, the three cars for those who own the Family Kick Back, which recently was a pre-order exclusive but has since become available to everyone for $4.99 USD, and a new unlockable 10th car (which will be detailed later in the post).

Car customizations will be available at any of nine Big Rick’s garage locations around New Bordeaux, and will include over 50 unique customizations options.

What you’re able to install, however, will be determined by what you unlock. You will unlock said options via the game’s other new feature: races.



There are 12 races for you to participate in throughout New Bordeaux – six circuit lap races and six point-to-point races.

The races will only become available after the first sit-down with all three lieutenants. When they do become available, you will be able to find them via “race markets,” which will appear on your map.

By placing in the top spot for each race you will unlock the above mentioned car customizations. If you win all the races, you will unlock the aforementioned 10th car — the Griffin Marauder — to add to your permanent fleet of vehicles. You can see the new car in the screenshot below:


The developer also announced that new outfits for Lincoln are coming with the update. The outfits include  “Bad, Bad Mr. Burke” (complete with ‘stache and flat cap) and “On the Prowl.”

Additionally, if you link Mafia III with your My2K account, you can also score a new three-piece suit outfit, The “Classico,” and a custom revolver  called “Il Duca.” You can see both the the suit and revolver in the screenshot below:


Hangar 13 has said more updates are still coming early next year, namely, more customization and the ability to further enhance the performance of the cars in your fleet. When said updates, or new content rolls out, you can expect to read it right here on DualShockers.

Meanwhile, you can check out the new launch trailer for the update below: