Cutesy 90’s-Inspired Platformer Unbox Reaching Its Destination on PC September 7

on August 15, 2016 7:15 AM

The adorable looking box-rolling platformer Unbox is headed to PC on September 7, Prospect Games has announced.

The game’s developer describes Unbox as a “90s style 3D platformer” that sees players delivering cardboard boxes across a variety of 3D worlds. Prospect also┬ásaid that the game is inspired by classic PS2 rolling game Katamari Damacy and N64 platformer Super Mario 64.

Unbox is 3D platformer where the player is a cardboard box who must bounce and roll, through mountains and islands alike, to deliver themselves for the greater good of the Global Postal Service, or GPS. This can include racing against a clock, solving puzzles, and a lot of fun with physics, which often involves causing mayhem by knocking things over or blowing them up. The game also has a strong local multiplayer element, for full split-screen enjoyment, including a variety of different challenges.”

No PS4 or Xbox One release dates have been announced, but you can check out the trailer and some screenshots down below.

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