Cutesy Ooblets Receives a New Trailer (and Dance Craze) at the PC Gaming Show at E3 2017

Cutesy Ooblets Receives a New Trailer (and Dance Craze) at the PC Gaming Show at E3 2017

A new trailer for the Double Fine kid-friendly title Ooblets received a new trailer at the E3 PC Gaming Show 2017. Lots of dancing inside.

Ooblets showed off its Harvest Moon meets Pokemon like gameplay in a new trailer today. The video was shown alongside some larger, more violent games during the PC Gaming Show at this year’s E3. The very kid-friendly game is currently being developed by Rebecca Cordingley and perplamps (and published by Double Fine) for the PC and Xbox One. There’s no set release date other than 2018 and no price has yet been attached.

The trailer shows off the RPG-lite elements of the title. You’ll collect cat-sized, weird and adorable creatures as you progress through the game. Those things will have their own abilities and will be able to battle with others of their kind. This process will allow you to build up your creature posse (there’s a point in the video where half a dozen of the things are hopping alongside you).

Customization also plays a huge role in the preview. Your young avatar is able to change hair, clothes, and accessories with the game’s unique blend of pastel colors. The protagonist’s room is also available to decorate and furnish. The trailer even shows the main character pushing beds and dressers into place which is a nice touch.

Also, I’m calling it here, but Double Fines’ risk in publishing this game will pay off with a new dance craze called ‘Oobling’. The video shows a lot of time given to dancing characters with some moves worthy of Carlton Banks. If you’re interested to see what else Ooblets has to offer you can follow them on twitter or their official site.

Speaking of which, the devs just tweeted out a link to their brand new Steam page. But still no price has been revealed for this creature collecting bonanza.

Also, the E3 2017 trailer is available below via PC Gamer:

(Keep on Oobling everybody)