Cyber Bullying Strikes Again, Pinball Arcade Apologizes For Insulting Wii U on Facebook

on April 10, 2014 11:05 AM

Yesterday Pinball Arcade dropped the ball.

On the game’s Facebook page a comment was left by someone from developer FarSight Studios saying “the Wii-U, we assure you, is no where near as powerful graphically as a PS3.”

The poster went on to say that the Wii-U should not be considered a next-gen system, going as far to call it “Wii 1.5.” The statement elicited a strong response from fans siting numerous comparisons and personal objections to the allegations. Which, though hilarious, are false.

Today, the company issued an apology, stating:

“Those comments were made based on a conversation I had with the developer who’s been working on the Wii-U version, he was unable to get the console to perform anywhere near what the Xbox one and PS4 were capable of. I was misinformed in that I said the PS3 was far more powerful… after speaking to him again, I was told that while the system still does not compare to XB1 or PS4, I was incorrect in regards to the ps3 comparison, and for that I apologize.”

The comment thread has since been removed.