CyberConnect 2 CEO Teases New Anime Game And Multiple Unannounced Projects

Maybe we'll get something like a Kimetsu no Yaiba or a Houseki no Kuni Cyber Connect 2 game soon.

Cyber Connect 2’s CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama regularly answers questions from Twitter fans during YouTube videos. In the latest video, Matsuyama was asked: “If you were to make another anime game series like the Narutimate Storm games, which anime would you choose?”.

Matsuyama stated that he can’t answer that, because Cyber Connect 2 already picked a series, and are currently developing a game adaptation for it.

In the same video, Matsuyama was also asked if Narutimate Storm 4 would ever get ported to Switch. He basically answered that they’re thinking about it, seeing the first three Storm games are already on Switch. However it’s Bandai Namco who has the final say, so you should contact them instead.

It’s also important to note than in an older video from September 19, Hiroshi Matsuyama mentioned Cyber Connect 2 is working on multiple unannounced games. Matsuyama also stated how at least one of these games is a series which originally started as a manga, and how these kind of game adaptations are something Cyber Connect 2 loves to do:

Hiroshi Matsuyama: “I am actually already making the game I wanted to do. We have multiple projects in development. We can’t announce them yet, but they exist. Among these, there’s a manga to game adaptation, something we love doing. We will announce it when the time is right, so look forward to it.”

Nowadays, every popular shonen franchise is getting their own game, and seeing Cyber Connect 2’s past record, this new anime game should definitely be something popular worldwide, so more shonen. My Hero Academia is getting a new game by Bandai Namco, so that can’t be it. I think the best bet would be a Kimetsu no Yaiba game. Cyber Connect 2’s knowhow from dot Hack to Naruto games seems like it’ll mix well with Kimetsu. Another possibility I’m thinking of would be a Houseki no Kuni game.

The videos with Hiroshi Matsuyama can be found below.

Cyber Connect 2’s next big game is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, launching on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on January 17.

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