Future GPX Cyber Formula PC Game Will Get A PS4 Version This September

Sunrise anime Future GPX Cyber Formula is getting its PC game Cyber Formula Sin Vier ported to PS4. Online multiplayer will definitely be fun.

August 21, 2020

Project YNP and Sunrise officially announced the PS4 port of Future GPX Cyber Formula Sin Vier. The game launches digitally in Japan on September 4. The announcement was made via a blog post shared on Twitter:

The game was rumored to come to PS4 for a few months now as a rating with the game’s name was filled. A countdown to a big announcement also started earlier this week, leading to this news. An official site with new information and gameplay footage went live. We translated everything from the site and the blog post below.

First off is the game’s pitch and setting:

“A world where races surpassing F1 were created. Using machines with pollution-free engines and the “Cyber System” AI, Cyber Machines can exceed 700 km/h, with incredible transformation systems to control air resistance and boost systems. Cyber Machines are said to even bewilder god.”

Future GPX Cyber Formula  is originally a 1991 anime by Sunrise directed by Mitsuo Fukuda, who later handled the pretty nice Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, the traumatizing Gundam Seed Destiny, and the masterpiece Cross Ange. Cyber Formula is definitly a cool series and should be checked out if you’re into mecha anime too, as the machine’s transformations are pretty cool.

As for the gameplay itself, Cyber Formula Sin Vier is a high speed racing game, where players will need to use their machines’ transformation system and boost efficiently to become the GPX champion. It’ll include multiple single player modes such as Time Attack mode, Championship mode, but also an online battle mode, allowing you to race against other players and aim to become the World Champion.

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Playable machines include among others: ν-Asurada AKF-0/G, Ogre AN-21, Spiegel HP-022 J.

Future GPX Cyber Formula Sin Vier PC Gameplay (2019)

Cyber Formula Sin Vier originally launched on PC on September 20, 2018 via DMM. The game has been greatly improved since then and looks much better now. Unlike the PC version, the PS4 version didn’t confirm VR functionalities yet however.

The PS4 version was confirmed to only receive a digital release on the Japanese PlayStation Store.

Both the original game and this PS4 port uses a song titled Brand New World as its theme song, sung by Hironobu Kageyama.

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