Cyber Shadow is Slicing Its Way to Release in January 2021

Cyber Shadow is Slicing Its Way to Release in January 2021

Cyber Shadow, from Mechanical Head Games and publisher Yacht Club Games, is officially making its debut at the start of 2021.

Coming from publisher Yacht Club Games, the upcoming Cyber Shadow is an indie title that many have had their eye on for some time. Thanks to its spot-on visuals inspired by retro games of the past, the upcoming platformer is now gearing up for release early next year, and will also be featuring some special features for its release on Nintendo Switch.

During the latest Indie World Direct, Nintendo revealed that Cyber Shadow will officially release on January 26, 2021. In a new trailer shared during the Direct, the broadcast gave a new look at the retro-inspired ninja platformer that bears quite a bit of resemblance to classics like Ninja Gaiden, Mega Man, and Castlevania.

As seen in the latest trailer, Nintendo also revealed that the Switch version of Cyber Shadow will feature exclusive support with the Shovel Knight line of amiibo figures. Specifically, players can scan their amiibo figures from the Shovel Knight series into the game and unlock a support character that will assist players to help take down enemies, including Shovel Knight, Plague Knight, and other familiar faces from the Yacht Club title.

Having played a bit of Cyber Shadow myself earlier this year at PAX East 2020 (back when actual gaming events were a thing), I have high hopes for the game heading into its launch this winter. We also had a chance to play a bit of the game last year, where Max Roberts felt that the game was “a perfect fit for Yacht Club Games’ lineup.” Thankfully, we won’t have too much longer of a wait with a little over a month left until its console and PC debut.

Cyber Shadow will release for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on January 26, 2021.