Cyberpunk 2077 Community Meeting Details Gameplay, Animations, and More

Last weekend saw a yearly CD Projekt RED community meeting where lots of details about Cyberpunk 2077 were revealed in a Q&A session.

More details surrounding CD Projekt RED have come to light after a yearly CD Projekt RED Polish community meeting took place at the New Meta Gaming Bar last Saturday, 23rd November. The information comes from Reddit from user “shavod” who was in attendance that day and made notes of the Q&A session that took place amid the Cyberpunk 2077 themed food and drinks.

Obviously, there may be spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want to know specifics, then it’s probably best to gasp melodramatically and go back to the homepage.

Apparently, the length of the Cyberpunk 2077 main story is said to be shorter than The Witcher 3, but despite that, it should make up for its length in replayability. This is keeping out the added length of exploration elements and side-missions, which as anyone who has played The Witcher 3 knows can be rather time-consuming. They also said that they’ve found a “really cool” way of allowing the player to continue the game after the main story, but they’re not releasing details as it’s “for the players to see”.

There was a question surrounding loot in the game to which CD Projekt RED said that while they’re trying to find a balance between useful loot and pointless loot, they’ve still kept lootable items that aren’t of use to the player to add to the NPCs personality that makes sense. Essentially, I imagine they’re on about if you loot an engineer, it would make sense they’d carry…a wrench?

Shavod states that they saw some gameplay where the NPC grew annoyed with the player for not choosing a dialogue option quick enough, but apparently there are characters that will come with consequences if you leave it too long to answer.

Pawel Burza, CD Projekt RED’s Senior Community Manager explained the story structure. With The Witcher 3 there’s the main storyline which has side-quests branching off of it. However, in Cyberpunk 2077, the main story has side-quests that branch off of it, but then those side-quests have more branches leading to more side-quests. Additionally, side-quests have the capability of affecting other side-quests.

The Q&A went into gameplay, in which it was detailed that most locations should be available to players no matter what choices are made. However, depending on the choices made, some areas might be more restricted. And when players reach a border to an unexplorable area, the game will just turn them around.

The team also steered away from revealing details surrounding car customization, asking for a little more patience before they reveal anything. I bet you it’s that damn Cybertruck. Players won’t be able to purchase new apartments, but it was confirmed that the style of the apartment would change depending on the choices made throughout the game. The game is apparently designed to make every playstyle valid and not favoring one over the other.

They also go on to explain how the day/night cycle can impact how guarded certain areas are as well as some missions only being available at certain times. The team was also questioned on difficulty levels. They said they want to include as many difficulty levels as they can beyond just making enemies stronger or weaker, but because of the size of the game it may be difficult, so they aren’t promising anything.

The police in Cyberpunk 2077 will also not intervene with smaller crimes such as fist-fighting because it’s “normal” in that universe, but they will attack if your crimes are more severe. Additionally, the world will react to weather, such as pedestrians pulling out umbrellas in the rain. The player can also destroy 3/4 assets in the world, but not destroy an entire district. There’s also mention that the NPC diversity is huge with lots of unique characters, but due to memory limitations there may need to be some compromises made.

Players are apparently able to craft useable items, but not clothes and Cyberwear, although they can craft modifications to change their appearance or stats. Also, there might be a “Cyberpet” but the team wouldn’t share anything about it except that they know something about it. Cyberwear may require “Ripperdoc Services” to install it into V, the player. These character mods essentially sound like the more extreme the mod the more you’ll need professional services, then you’ll be able to modify them yourself without Ripperdoc Services.

The Q&A also talked about animations, which it was revealed every character will have their own individual set of animations. They also stated that they did “a lot” of mocap for sex scenes which “should satisfy everyone”. They also say that the option to skip cutscenes has been done in a “really cool” way but want the players to experience it rather than reveal it, although we have heard of a Scene System.

The team also seems to want to add tools to the game for those who may wish to create mods, but at current they aren’t ready to discuss this.

Cyberpunk 2077 is slated to launch next year April 16, 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you’re excited about the game, be sure to check out DualShockers’ Michael Ruiz trying out the new Cyberpunk 2077 Instagram filter.

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