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Amazon LEAKS Cyberpunk 2077's Release Date, Coming Sometime in 2030 or 2099

New leaks on Amazon absolutely prove that Cyberpunk 2077 is coming to consoles sometime in the year 2030 or 2099, and you can't argue otherwise.

December 22, 2018

Another day, another leak on the world’s largest retailer. And this is a big one: CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077. If you were expecting the game to come out in the next two years, you were dead wrong–according to Amazon UK the game is definitely coming out sometime in 2030.

The leak was noticed across the internet, when checking out the Amazon UK listings for Cyberpunk 2077.  For all you haters and doubters out there, here it is:

Boom. Definitive proof. Everyone knows that Amazon is an infallible entity and that all leaks on the site are 100% intentional.

Crazier yet? The digital version of the game is coming out in 2099. Obviously this makes sense — what better way to represent a game set in 2077 than first experience that year to the fullest. CD Projekt Red is just doing their due diligence in waiting to see what human modifications exist in that time:

Observant readers may now be wondering how we know these are true, compared to the December 2019 release date on the US listings. Easy, CD Projekt Red told us as much:

The subtext is obvious. December 2019 isn’t the release date; it is actually the 2099 one. Case closed.

“But James,” you ask me, “how do we know this isn’t a placeholder date? Won’t we have updated from the Xbox One sometime in the next century?”

Like I said before, us games journalists just know that placeholder dates are just an elaborate myth perpetuated by Big Gaming. For instance, you may have seen the rumors that Amazon just leaked The Last of Us Part II‘s release date as a March 29, 2019 reveal. This is an objectively true, confirmed date — especially ignoring the fact that Neil Druckman and developer Naughty Dog are still filming scenes for the game. More #FakeNews.

Let’s not forget how Amazon Italy similarly leaked a brand new Splinter CellBloodborne 2, and Sunset Overdrive 2 which weren’t pure speculation and shots in the dark. There is absolutely no room for human error in any of these listings, so reporting on them as iron-clad fact is the most natural response.

If you are still interested in grabbing Cyberpunk 2077 for your grandchildren, you can pre-order the game for on Amazon now.

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