Cyberpunk 2077 Players Warned About Light Patterns Resembling Devices Used to Trigger Seizures

The specific effect seems to happen during Braindance transitions and is said to be similar to real-world medical devices used to trigger seizures.

By Ben Bayliss

December 8, 2020

The review embargo for Cyberpunk 2077 lifted yesterday, with outlets sharing both scored and unscored reviews but also sharing a wealth of information, such as teasing photo mode photos, and where to find Hideo Kojima. However, GameInformer noted a concerning thing in relation to light patterns used in the game and that they’re similar to what neurologists use in real life to trigger seizures for diagnosis purposes.

The guide from GameInformer’s Liana Ruppert focuses on informing the player what moments in the game use light patterns, the writer themselves stating that they experienced a seizure while playing. ” I suffered one major seizure and felt several moments where I was close to another one. I kept going because I made that decision to, and I feel like that decision helped me sort of slap together a small little guide for players wanting to take part in this game for fear of missing out.”

Liana touches on the general triggers, but the concerning part comes through using the game’s Braindance feature. Braindance is a feature in which the player uses a machine to enter the memory of another character, allowing you to piece together parts of the story as exampled earlier this year. However, Liana explains that when the headset is placed on the player’s head in first-person, “a rapid onslaught of white and red blinking LEDs” plays out on the screen.

They note that this light pattern is similar to the “actual device neurologists use in real life to trigger a seizure when they need to trigger one for diagnosis purposes.” They add “If not modeled off of the IRL design, it’s a very spot-on coincidence,”. And really, those who may be prone to seizures should give the guide a read if they have plans to jump into Cyberpunk 2077, and it’s worth remembering that this is a serious thing.

Sadly, people online have not been treating this useful and important information with care, and instead have been sending videos to Liana that have flashing lights. This is absolutely awful and dangerous.

As for when Cyberpunk 2077 launches, it’s slated to be launching on December 10 and will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and Stadia.

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