Cyberpunk 2077 Player Finds Strange Harry Potter Easter Egg in Night City


Cyberpunk 2077 player comes across a weird but cleverly placed Harry Potter Easter Egg while out and about in the Night City.

Cyberpunk‘s Night City is teeming with exciting and vibrant qualities, even if the game itself never really got off to the best start. Among the bugs and weird animations, players can still soak up the buzzing atmosphere that coats the brightly lit streets and maybe even find something unexpected in the process.

Harry Potter and Cyberpunk‘s worlds may seem far too different to compare but one player found a strange easter egg while wandering the Night City’s mean streets that unexpectedly joins the franchises.

When Harry Meets Cyberpunk

You don’t need to have played Cyberpunk 2077 to know of its many crazy bugs and glitches. Social media has been awash of clips showing NPC’s walking through walks and getting up to all kinds of weird antics.

Over on Reddit, where all the good stuff happens, thesailorscout had been strolling the streets of Night City, minding their own business until they saw an NPC running past them.

With curiosity taking over, Sailorscout followed them and noticed that the NPC ran towards a wall, stopped and then turned away.

After two more NPC’s did the exact same behaviour, Sailor went to check out the wall they were running at to find a surprising Harry Potter themed Easter Egg. Spraypainted on the wall was the famous Platform nine and three-quarters wrote as “Platform 69¾.

What makes this particular Easter Egg strange yet funny is it seems like this is the only wall NPC’s haven’t been able to pass through. It’s a pretty genius little gem left by the CD Projekt devs.

If you’re looking to play Cyberpunk 2077 but worried about its performance, the game has since received patches that should improve player experience.

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