A Granblue Fantasy 5th Anniversary Stream Is Set for March 9

A Granblue Fantasy 5th Anniversary Stream Is Set for March 9

New fighters in Granblue Fantasy Versus are expected to be revealed during the stream.

Cygames has announced that they’ll be celebrating the fifth anniversary of their mobile title Granblue Fantasy with a livestream centered around the series on March 9. It’s likely that we’ll definitely get a chance to see some new characters in the Arc System Works-developed fighting game Granblue Fantasy Versus. 

You’ll have to wake up early to check out the livestream for yourself as it’ll air at 7 p.m. JST (2 a.m. PT, 5 a.m. EST). You can catch it over on YouTube. No need to worry though if you don’t feel like waking up, we’ll be sure to cover all the news that comes out of the event.

I think it’s safe to say fans of the popular mobile title can expect some news on the mainline game. Additionally, we’ll hopefully hear more about the upcoming Granblue JRPG, Granblue Fantasy: Relink, following Platinum Games’ departure from the project. Both the Versus and Relink projects are planned to come westward at some point for PS4, however, we do not know when that’ll be.

A whole bunch of the mobile title’s Japanese voice cast will be present during the stream. Also, Yunito Kimura, Granblue Fantasy producer, will be present alongside Tetsuya Fukuhara, the game’s director.

In case you missed out on any of the previously revealed gameplay, you can check it out for both Relink and VersusWhile we already know both games are coming westward for PS4, Fukuhara-san has expressed interest in bringing each title to PC via Steam at some point in the future.

If you’re interested in trying the mobile title, you can use our handy guide to download and play the game in English. Granblue Fantasy is available on both iOS and Android as well as web browsers.